Looking Back: Best VL Posts of 2010

Here are my favorite blog posts from 2010. The year started with a trip back home to NYC, where we checked out the just-opened High Line. My favorite part of the park is The River That Flows Both Ways by Spencer Finch, pictured above.

I also really enjoyed Carrying On by Janet Zweig in collaboration with Edward del Rosario, which is located in the Prince Street subway station:

I finally got my lazy ass over to the Noguchi Museum in Queens, which was completely worth it:

The Noguchi Museum in Queens

I surveyed all the corner stores that I came across in NYC:

I repeated this exercise in the Northern Kentucky towns of Covington and Newport, with surprising results:

a corner store in Northern Kentucky

Back in Cincinnati, Able Projects did a cool installation at the Contemporary Arts Center entitled Stay Up! Cincinnati:

Stay Up! Cincinnati by Able Projects

Amanda Checco painted a trippy mural entitled Ice Cream Daydream in Over-the-Rhine:

Ice Cream Daydream by Amanda Checco

Over in Covington, Tina Westerkamp painted the huge mural [with an appropriately lofty title] The Divine Proportion of All Things:

The Divine Proportion of All Things by Tina Westerkamp

Hanging Garden by Shinji Turner-Yamamoto was a temporary, site-specific installation in an old Cincinnati church:

Hanging Garden by Shinji Turner-Yamamoto

The sculpture park 100 Acres opened in Indianapolis, where my favorite piece is Bench Around the Lake by Jeppe Hein. See?

Bench Around the Lake by Jeppe Hein

In November, we traveled to Detroit and made our occasional pilgrimage to the Heidelberg Project by Tyree Guyton:

The Heidelberg Project by Tyree Guyton

I finally took a ride on the Detroit People Mover:

The People Mover in Downtown Detroit

I kept getting off the train to check out all the public art in the different stations. My favorite find was the beautiful Voyage by Gerome Kamrowski:

Voyage by Gerome Kamrowski

See also my favorite posts from 2008 and 2009, and check back next Monday as I finish the series with my favorite posts from this year.


14 thoughts on “Looking Back: Best VL Posts of 2010

  1. Aww, thank you very much! It’s a good exercise for me to keep an eye out for inspiring things to record here. It helps me remember all the cool stuff I’ve seen over the past few years, and I like that the blog is a nice archive of all that.

  2. Loved Kathy’s Carry Out and the Heidelberg Project- I have to get out of NYC more often! Your round-up of best posts is very inspiring too. I’ve been doing a “Top 10 News Stories” of the year based on page views for my blog. Now I realize my favorite posts are not in the top ten and are often about art or photo features. Just put another round-up of faves on my to-do list. Thank you!

  3. Sometimes really great posts fall through the cracks, are too esoteric to be popular, or at least deserve another visit. Isn’t it fun to look back at that old stuff?

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  5. Amazing! I’m really looking forward to walking the High Line in a few months. I’ve been making a list of things to see in New York City, and seeing your photos has been very inspiring.

  6. That’s great to hear! I’ve checked out the High Line during the summer and winter, and it looks really dramatic in either case. The landscaping is very sculptural even without greenery [in fact, maybe more so]. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing it in person!

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