Noted without Comment

Noted without Comment

Soon before we moved out of our Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati apartment, we received this registered sex offender notice. Meanwhile, the powers that be in that neighborhood are building a 3,300 square foot deck with concessions and seating area in Washington Park to add “more private space to do events.” Remember when parks were simply public green spaces?

Private Label Products by VisuaLingual

VisuaLingual private label seed bombs for the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

We moved from Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati to Brookside, Indianapolis just over a month ago, and we’re still in the midst of setting up our new production space, but that hasn’t stopped us from working on awesome projects for great clients like a line of private label seed bombs for the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe.
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The Cincinnati Strong Man: Henry Holtgrewe by Jason Snell

The Cincinnati Strong Man: Henry Holtgrewe by Jason Snell

Every year, Cincinnati’s ArtWorks employs teens and professional artists to create murals and other community-based works of public art. Out of every annual batch, I always have a favorite, and The Cincinnati Strong Man: Henry Holtgrewe stands out as the especially awesome mural from 2014.
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A Perfect Weekend in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Skyline from Bellevue Hill Park

This question has come up in conversation and, when I’ve had the pleasure of hosting visitors to Cincinnati, as I have numerous times over the past eight years, I’ve faced this challenge myself: how best to introduce an outsider to the Queen City? Here is my ideal itinerary for a weekend visit.
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VisuaLingual Seed Bombs in Good Housekeeping Magazine

VisuaLingual Seed Bombs in Good Housekeeping Magazine

We’re thrilled that our Salad Greens Seed Bombs are included in the March 2015 Good Housekeeping Magazine. It’s too cold to garden in most parts of the US right now, but you can grow these seed bombs on a sunny windowsill and enjoy your mini crop in just a few weeks!