A Corner Store Cornucopia

The lack of corner stores in Cincinnati has been an ongoing complaint for me, and opening one myself has become somewhat of a running joke. I don’t really know anything about running a corner store, but it seems that no one else around here does either. Thus, I bring you my visual research into this genre as it manifests itself in NYC neighborhoods, from the depths of Brooklyn to the far reaches of the Bronx.

In order to challenge myself a bit, I resolved to only photograph 24-hour stores on actual street corners. Most corner stores are open late into the evening but not 24/7, and many do not occupy corner locations [which is why the term “convenience store” better applies to them].

Notice the varied offerings and the looseness of the signage spelling. These shop owners are clearly more focused on providing the finest corner store experiences than they are on linguistic propriety.

As for my current neck of the woods in Cincinnati, it contains unhelpful corner store shells such as this one:

Bang's ghost sign in OTR

And this one:

And also this one:

So, I will keep complaining about the lack of corner stores in OTR until someone steps to fill the need, or until I get motivated enough to do it myself.


6 thoughts on “A Corner Store Cornucopia

  1. This is easily one of my favorite of your blog posts and slide shows.

    Still haven’t decided what I like most, large old porches or corner store fronts. I’m not sure it is the facade design that attracts as much as both function as familiar community gathering spaces….civic performance spaces.

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