Looking Back: Best VL Posts of 2009

Everett Middle School in San Francisco

Here are my favorite blog posts of 2009. The year started with our trip to San Francisco [actually, we returned from it on New Year’s Day]. One of my favorite finds there was the beautiful tile at Everett Middle School, pictured above.

The Coit Tower murals were amazing to see again, this time on a detailed guided tour:

San Francisco's Coit Tower mural

Checking out the all-encompassing mural on The Women’s Building was pretty awesome as well, and the Mission in general is filled with incredible murals:

The Women's Building in San Francisco

We loved walking up the mosaic 16th Avenue Steps. What a cool public art project! Could Cincinnati’s public steps ever get this kind of artful treatment?

San Francisco's 16th Avenue Steps

A fun visit to 826 Valencia in San Francisco, a.k.a. the pirate store:

826 Valencia

The grouping of Mosaic columns in SeaTac airport was pretty cool to see:

mosaic columns at SeaTac Airport

On a trip to Chicago, we checked out the Boring Store, which is part of the 826 literacy program network:

The Boring Store in Chicago

I really liked this public art installation in a Chicago train station entitled Time Is the Enemy (Revisited) by Dzine:

Time is the Enemy (Revisited) by Dzine

Back in Cincinnati, I enjoyed Samantha Johnson’s installation at Prairie Gallery entitled Spring Grove Avenue:

Spring Grove Avenue by Samantha Johnson

Over in Covington, KY, Christian Schmit painted the mural An Epic Tale of Time and Town, which is mind-boggling in its awesomeness:

Covington mural by Christian Schmit

I visited the Creation Museum which is, umm, an interesting educational experience [on Opposite Day]:

The Creation Museum

We checked out the pop-up city at the Indianapolis 500, a.k.a. “the greatest spectacle in racing:”

We snooped around the old Coca Cola Plant in Indianapolis and documented its glorious Art Deco details:

Coca Cola Plant in Indianapolis

See also my favorites from 2008 and stay tuned every Monday this month as I continue combing the archives for my favorite posts from each year.

8 thoughts on “Looking Back: Best VL Posts of 2009

  1. San Francisco was a good time! There’s a ton of eye candy in that city. All in all, I guess 2009 was a pretty good year in terms of finding inspiration. The best of 2010 is coming up this Monday, so stay tuned for that.

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