Main Attraction: examining the recent renaissance of Main St. in Over-the-Rhine.

Amy & David Butler’s Creative Textile Lab of a Home: the Granville, OH home of the couple behind Amy Butler Design.

Positions Found in the Kama Sutra for Midwesterners: McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is poking fun at the flyover states again.

Oh, Troy, What Are You Doing?: Doug of id29 has some harsh words about a proposed 9/11 memorial for Troy, NY.

How Fucked Is Muni?: an investigation of the San Francisco transit system.

How Fucked Is the T?: inspired by the above, a look at Boston’s transit.

Aboard the L Train, Luncheon Is Served: OMG, WTF?


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. OMG, WTF, indeed.

    I’m all for out-there, creative endeavors, but what is it about this and the “pantsless train ride” and a gazillion other things that hipsters think is “SOOO New York” that rubs me the wrong way? (Full disclosure, i’m not categorically against Improv Everywhere, some of their stuff is OK, but it’s wearing a bit thin). Is it being a hater to be exasperated by these ultra-smug stunts? The “underground dining scene”?? I think the way the NYTimes fawns over this stuff is even more nauseating than the events themselves.

  2. On a logistical level, this was an impressive feat, and I’m sure the participants love their bragging rights to one of those kooky “only in NY” experiences. Check out the slidehsow photos, though — do these people actually look like they’re having a good time? It makes you wonder whether all that effort and money was really a sound use of resources. I suppose it was if you accept this as a publicity stunt on the part of the organizers.

    Similarly, this event took place right down the street from me last year. Again, an impressive logistical feat that seemed to have been enjoyed by many people and had the desired effect of raising the profile of a local arts organization. You’d be hard-pressed the defend the artistic merit of the detritus that’s left over, though.

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