Cityscapes by Ben Aronson

Yellow Awning, Paris by Ben Aronson

Yellow Awning, Paris by Ben Aronson

Ben Aronson grew up in Sudbury, MA and studied Painting at Boston University. After receiving his MFA, he traveled through Europe and also worked for a time as an architectural illustrator.
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Chicago Cultural Center by Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge

Chicago Cultural Center

The Chicago Cultural Center, wow! Where to even begin? Designed by Boston architectural firm Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, the building opened in downtown Chicago in 1892 as the city’s central library. Its interior includes marble, polished brass, rare hardwoods, and mosaics made of Favrile glass, mother-of-pearl and colored stone, as well as the largest stained glass Tiffany dome in the world.
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Cedric Michael Cox | Visual Artist: I just finished the new site for my OTR-based friend and studio neighbor; if you spot any egregious errors, please direct them to my attention.

Springtime Garden Wedding: some love for our personalized seed bomb favors.

Liberty St. “Road Diet” Advances, to Be Bid by Nov. 2014: a plan to eliminate the barrier between the Southern and Northern portions of Over-the-Rhine.

Aggregate Dialect Difference: the Cincinnati dialect is least like NYC, Newark, Jersey City, Boston, or Philly.

The Heidelberg Project: A Resilient Community Rebuilds, Again: the latest on Detroit’s Heidelberg Project after last month’s tragic fire.

Is the End Nearing for Odessa Café and Bar on Avenue A?: the end of an era for a neighborhood icon? Pretty soon I won’t even recognize my hometown.

Fake Shop Fronts Used to Make Towns Seem Neater for G8: in Northern Ireland, The Society of the Simulacrum has popped up.


Biking thru Washington Park Oct 2007: see the historic Over-the-Rhine park as it looked 5 years ago.

PHOTOS: Historic Glencoe-Auburn Place Row Houses Are Being Demolished: I did not see this one coming.

Hi, I’m from Ohio: I don’t really get these jokes, but hopefully the Buckeyes in the audience will.

Top 5 Favors You Can Plant: Something Fabulous likes our personalized seed bomb favors!

Pretty Cute Watching Boston Residents Play Daily Game of ‘Big City’: The Onion nails the Boston experience.

New York, a Graveyard for Languages: all about the 800 or so languages spoken by NYC residents.

25 Pictures of Life Captured by Google Street View: just that.