Main Attraction: examining the recent renaissance of Main St. in Over-the-Rhine.

Amy & David Butler’s Creative Textile Lab of a Home: the Granville, OH home of the couple behind Amy Butler Design.

Positions Found in the Kama Sutra for Midwesterners: McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is poking fun at the flyover states again.

Oh, Troy, What Are You Doing?: Doug of id29 has some harsh words about a proposed 9/11 memorial for Troy, NY.

How Fucked Is Muni?: an investigation of the San Francisco transit system.

How Fucked Is the T?: inspired by the above, a look at Boston’s transit.

Aboard the L Train, Luncheon Is Served: OMG, WTF?


Detroit People Mover: Baubien Passage by Glen Michaels

Baubien Passage by Glen Michaels

More art found on my brief Detroit People Mover journey! This is Baubien Passage by Glen Michaels, in the Bricktown station. It consists of two sets of ceramic panels, each screenprinted and painted with delicate, sketchy linework that suggests densely packed dimensional objects, mechanical motion, and both natural and manmade structures, with a nod to Italian Futurism.
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VisuaLingual Seed Bombs All Over

seed bombs in Cincinnati

seed bombs in Cincinnati

This post could be called Our Friends in Far-Flung Places Have an Almost Infinite Capacity to Humor My Ridiculous Requests. When I asked people we know to stop by their local Anthropologie stores and take photos of the seed bomb displays, I got replies from all over the US! Above is what we saw at our local Anthropologie here in Cincinnati.
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