While You Were Out

I first posted this almost a year ago, but it’s time to trot it out again. This “while you were out” form is a simple way to better communicate your needs to your area businesses. It makes sense in and around downtown Cincinnati to dispel the myth that “no one lives here.” It makes sense in a lot of other cities and neighborhoods as well. Think of this as a Tool for Empowered Living.

Just download and print out the PDF template, and leave friendly messages for the businesses in your neighborhood. It’s a polite way to make yourself heard. The PDF template is a standard 11×8.5, with four notes to clip and post.


5 thoughts on “While You Were Out

  1. What hours a company is open for business,is influenced by several factors; most important is the cost of operation, opening their doors during the time when the most customers will come in. The fixed and variable costs contribute to that decision, the ‘WHILE YOU WERE OUT’ note mentioned is important because without a security camera highlighting the front door, the business manager or owner would never know. It seems like businesses in a small town, like Enid Oklahoma, are closed during different hours for other reasons, including other responsibilities, social influences, religious etc. or even age.

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