Enjoy Your Weekend: great music, winter sales, and broomball fun are going on this weekend!

Park+Vine in the Next American City: congratulations to Dan and Park+Vine!

Modern Gingerbread House: Cincinnati Modernation hacks a gingerbread house kit with impressive results.

Detroit vs. Cincinnati: a Detroit expat, now living in Cincinnati, weighs in on both cities.

Lovelies: our Midwest seed bombs get some love from yesterdaydream. Thanks, Christa!

While You Were Out: Small Biz Survival likes our printable PDF template for enhanced communication with neighborhood businesses.

Map of Lucerne, Switzerland: yet another great find from Grain Edit, a 1940s map of watchmakers in Lucerne.

And thus, I’m taking a break from blogging until Monday. Weekends will now be for other things, because there are plenty of other things out there.


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