Ohio? Bike Rack by John Dixon

Ohio? Bike Rack by John Dixon

John Dixon of Dixon Branded designed this cool, minimalist bike rack as part of ArtWorks‘ ongoing Queen City Art Racks initiative. It’s located in front of 1411 Main St. in Over-the-Rhine.

Entitled Ohio?, this is a simple outline of the state, sliced in half and offset so that the subject is distorted and obscured until you’re at the proper vantage point.

Ohio? Bike Rack by John Dixon

Ohio? Bike Rack by John Dixon

John is one of the founders of Losantiville, an OTR-based design collective, and we met him through the business development course SpringBoard [yet another awesome ArtWorks initiative].

These sculptural bike racks are slowly popping up all over Cincinnati, including downtown in front of the YWCA and the Convention Center, Coffee Emporium on Central Parkway, the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, and 5 others.


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