Top 10 VisuaLingual Posts of 2014

Lilly's State of Mind by Lilly Pulitzer

As this blog embarks on its seventh year, a lot has changed, from my own interests to yours in seeking out information here. Each year, I’ve documented the ten most popular posts of the year, and the 2014 batch contains its share of surprises.
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Greater Cincinnati’s 10 Most Anticipated Development Projects: just getting caught up on all the news, since I was out of town last week.

90-year-old Florida Man Faces 60 Days in Jail for Feeding the Homeless: WTF, Fort Lauderdale?

The Beauty of Fire Escapes and the Vanishing of Edward Hopper’s New York: “The place has been airbrushed for good, a playground for Indian and Chinese billionaires, Russian molls, Arab crooks, as well as American and European money managers, corporate lawyers and international jet setters.”

Slow Cab Coming: a new speed limit for NYC.

The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World: interesting new book about social engagement and architecture.

You Can Buy This Abandoned CT Town For Less Than A Brooklyn Apartment: the quaint town of Johnsonville has a starting bid of $800,000.

Maps Of Street Layouts Colored By Orientation: ooh, all those pretty colors…


Save the Davis: this Monday, an attempt to prevent the demolition of the David Furniture Building in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati.

NKY Scholar House to Offer Housing, Programming for Low-Income Student-Parents: very cool.

All the Places the New York Times Has Compared to Brooklyn: two surprises — New Orleans and the Hamptons, plus a bunch of the usual suspects.

Bollards, Bricks and Black Cabs: Why the Best Urban Objects Are Mundane: the Museum of the Mundane celebrates just that in London.

Tennessee Wonderland: Exploring an Abandoned Neighborhood and Hotel in the Tennessee Mountains: a haunting, in-depth look at the abandoned town we stumbled onto in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park earlier this year.

Half of the United States Lives in These Counties: weird/interesting map/stat stuff.

Since the 1970s a Man Has Been Planting a Forest Larger than Central Park, One Tree at a Time: a fascinating endeavor.


Does Cincinnati Have a Self-Esteem Issue?: hmm, let’s see…

Check Out Cincinnati’s New Cool: #hottestcityinamerica.

How Segregated Is New York City?: you can probably guess the answer to this question.

Escape from New York: Why Some Have Put the City Behind Them: interesting expat stories.

The Accidental Revelations of Sanborn Maps: and they’re pretty, too.

AHHA Artist Creating Panorama of Mother Road: artist Jessica Harvey is documenting Route 66.

Here’s Why No One Shoots Engagement Photos in the Suburbs: hilarious!


Art After Dark: Drive-In Movie: tonight at the Cincinnati Art Museum, a free screening of Hilltop Stories, an excellent series of shorts about current and past Walnut Hills residents.

Who Needs Red Bike?: just some questions about Cincinnati’s new bike rental program.

If Cities Want to Succeed, They Need to Focus on What Makes Them Distinct: “Places just need to do a little anthropological work to unearth their distinctiveness, distill it down and then imbue that “mojo” into everything they do.”

Jen and Paul’s One Stop Shopping Souvenir City and Chelsea Bus Tours: if you’re a fan of contemporary art, please check this out.

WalkNYC: a system of freestanding signs showcasing maps and local information.

Half of the United States Lives in These Counties: only 146 counties, in fact.

Mapbox Studio: design your own maps.


Simple Space – On-Demand Space for Pop-Up Events: a fundraising campaign for an interesting Over-the-Rhine initiative.

A Visit to Ohio State Reformatory: tons of creepy photos of a site in Mansfield where Shawshank Redemption was filmed.

Stop Using ‘Brooklyn’ to Mean Hipster Neighborhoods: please and thank you.

Peering into the Secret, Spooky World of the Stasi: and what an efficiently Modern world it was.

Buildings without 13th Floor: “Why certain Chicago buildings relabel the 13th floor.”

Yes, You Can Vacation in These Celebrity Homes: from Orson Welles to Iggy Pop.

Map Shows What Each Country’s Military Camouflage Pattern Looks Like: just that.


Mapping Things Out: our friend Chris has just updated the handy map of Northside, the Cincinnati neighborhood in which he lives.

Cincinnati Gentrified at One of Nation’s Fastest Rates Immediately Following Housing Boom: a cause for celebration, for some.

AD Classics: North Christian Church / Eero Saarinen: I’ve mentioned before that a trip to Columbis, IN is well worth your while; here’s a close look at one of its iconic buildings.

For Punk Music, Gentrification Is the New Ronald Reagan: an update on gentrification and the punk scene in DC.

A Tale of Two Brooklyns: There’s More to My Borough Than Hipsters and Coffee: just that.

The Town That Went Underground: the town in question is Coober Pedy, deep in the South Australian desert, and it really did go underground.

‘Poison Garden’ Showcases the Darker Side of Botany: weirdness!


10 Must-See ArtWorks Murals in Cincinnati: just that.

An Outsider at the Crossroads: a fascinating account of moving to East Flatbush, deep in the heart of Brooklyn.

Loew’s Kings Theatre In Brooklyn Will Reopen Next Year: fantastic photos of the Loew’s restoration.

Urbanicide in All Good Faith: not sure how I feel about this anti-UNESCO rant, but it’s an interesting read.

The People Designing Your Cities Don’t Care What You Want. They’re Planning for Hipsters.: an article summed up well by its headline.

Krijn de Koning Builds Colourful Architectural Structures at Turner Contemporary: awesome, colorful and gorgeous.

Every State in the USA, Ranked by Its Beer: for fans of maps and/or beer.