A Garden of Many Voices: The Civic Garden Center at the 2013 Home & Garden Show: all about this year’s Civic Garden Center display [also, my friend worked on it and wrote this article, so I’m doubly proud].

Cincinnati Canstruction 2013: large-scale sculptures made of canned goods are currently on display in downtown Cincinnati; check out an online preview at CincyWhimsy and vote for the People’s Choice Award this weekend. All food will go to the Freestore Foodbank.

Tower Place Mall – feb 25th, 2013: just some photos of a seemingly abandoned mall.

Horseshoe Casino Fails to Deliver on Urban Design: unsurprising observations about the new casino in Cincinnati.

Succulents Don’t Suck: Umba Box likes our 10 Seed Bombs with Slinger!

Michigan Will Take Over Detroit: I think we all saw this one coming.

Berlin Wall Protests Stall East Side Gallery Demolition Work: demolishing a chunk of the Berlin Wall to make room for luxury housing sounds like a less-than-stellar idea.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. re the Horseshoe: It’s better understood as beige, not tan. You experience what Tom Robbins called “Beige-ah vu, that strange feeling that you’ve seen that shade of beige before.” Researchers found that this is the least stressful color for those who try to pawn their Rolex, only to find it’s a Chinese knock off.”

  2. That’s all true, David. I agree with the criticism of the casino but, to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what people expected. As far as I’ve read, it sounds like this deal was made with the state, not with the city, and that the development wasn’t subject to any sort of design review. So, the easiest, cheaper route prevailed, resulting in a generic structure that’s not integrated with its surroundings [which would benefit the community, not the casino].

    I’ve been to Atlantic City, Reno and Vegas and, although I don’t gamble or anything, I can appreciate the spectacle for what it is. I’m not even remotely curious about this place, though.

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