First Queen City Art Rack in Over-the-Rhine

Queen City Art Rack in Over-the-Rhine

Yesterday I attended the Queen City Art Rack dedication in front of Coffee Emporium at 110 East Central Parkway in Over-the-Rhine. Entitled Tour de Cincy, it was designed by Pam Kravetz, Carla Lamb, and Karen Saunders and fabricated by Vulcane Industrial Arts. Check out this article for more information about this ArtWorks project.

Remember the call that went out last May? Michael designed it, and we screenprinted the two colors onto chipboard right in our OTR studio. It’s one of my favorite projects that we’ve done to date:

Queen City Art Racks poster by VisuaLingual

To be perfectly honest, this first bike rack isn’t my favorite design. The idea is cute, but I wish that the hills and the landmarks were more visually integrated. I guess I’m just a sucker for simplicity, because this solution seems a bit fussy. But, the important thing is that Cincinnati will get more artist-designed bike racks, and I’m all for anything that makes this city more bike-friendly. One of these days, maybe there can be a sightseeing bike tour [a Tour de Cincy!], checking out the sights and stopping at each Art Rack site.


17 thoughts on “First Queen City Art Rack in Over-the-Rhine

  1. Thanks for sharing that story I wrote for Soapbox. This is a very cool program, and I can’t wait to see the other 14 rack designs and their eventual locations.

  2. It’s the start of a great program for Cincinnati. I love these initiatives that create useful public art — the term “civic design” seems apt.

  3. What a great project! I’m so proud that my hometown is slowly but surely becoming more bicycle-friendly.

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