Dixie Terminal Redux

Jos. Francis Beller Art Studio

This one’s for all you Cincinnati trivia buffs. I was recently contacted by a woman who wrote, “My great-grandfather worked as a commercial artist for the company who built the Dixie Terminal. He worked on gold-leafing the cherubs on the ceiling.” A-ha! So, Joseph Francis Beller was the man [at least partly] responsible for those frolicking cherubs I’d mentioned in my post on the Dixie Terminal interior. Beller was also a studio photographer. He photographed the National Elks Lodge parade in NYC, and those images were published in a book. Unfortunately, he died while his children were still young, and not much more is known about him, except that he did have a rather swanky business card.


7 thoughts on “Dixie Terminal Redux

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  3. I am Joseph Francis Beller’s oldest granddaughter. If you would like to have any additional info on him I have pics etc.

  4. I have 2 children which are also artists. My son is an art teacher and my daughter is a graphic designer. They are both excellent and take after their great grandfather.

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