Dixie Terminal Building Downtown

Designed by Garber & Woodward and completed in 1921, the Dixie Terminal Building sits on the SW corner of Walnut and 4th Sts. It was originally built as a streetcar terminal with shops and offices, including the Cincinnati Stock Exchange. It later served as a bus depot and is now an office building.

The facade includes tilework by Cincinnati’s own Rookwood Pottery. The interior arcade is a location in Rain Man, where Charlie finds out about the trust fund. Garber & Woodward were also involved in the design of the Vernon Manor Hotel in Cincinnati, which is another Rain Man location.


10 thoughts on “Dixie Terminal Building Downtown

  1. WOW! I’ve never seen this building before! I am going to have to walk down there this evening and see it for myself. Thank goodness the city never tore it down, its beautiful! And that rookwood pottery facade is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

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