Independence Community Bank Ghost Sign in NYC

Independence Community Bank Ghost Sign in NYC

I spotted this ghost sign for the Independence Community Bank across the street from the Newkirk Plaza subway station in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Apparently this was “the best banking value.” Fading Ad Blog has a better photo, taken 7 years ago when the sign was less deteriorated.


California Nite Club Ghost Sign in Indianapolis

California Nite Club Ghost Sign in Indianapolis

Located at 2104 East Washington St. in Indianapolis, the ghost sign for the California Nite Club contains a sun and palm trees as a kind of shorthand representation of the name. The building is fairly grand for the area and, while I know nothing about the club, this description recommended that you “bring your A-game.”

Mom & Pop’s Toy Shop Ghost Sign in Hamtramck

Mom & Pop's Toy Shop Ghost Sign in Hamtramck

Mom & Pop’s Toy Shop was located in the heart of Hamtramck’s retail district on Joseph Campau Ave., Hamtramck being a separate town inside of Detroit, which was at one point mostly Polish, then seemed to become more hipster, with an influx of other ethnic groups and, on my last visit, seemed a bit barren, with more ghost signs than I’d expected.