AFC Unveils Online Dictionary of Cincinnati Architects: The Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati has unveiled an online biographical dictionary of Cincinnati architects who practiced between 1788 and 1940. How cool is that?

White House to Establish Office of Urban Policy: like a breath of fresh air…

Mayor of Batman Sues WB, Nolan: the mayor of Batman, a city in Turkey, is suing Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for royalties from The Dark Knight.

The Dead Zone: meanwhile in Detroit, an enterprising soul cleans out foreclosed homes and sells the found items in his in-home thrift store.

A Year In The Life Of Lee Fisher, Part I: New York Shitty finds a diary — “January 19, 1917. In store until 7 p.m. Heard an Anarchistic lecture by Emma Goldman and Alex Berkman, Read the ‘Blast’. To bed.”

Miroslav Sasek: This Is the United Nations: a fantastically illustrated kids’ book every child should have.

In Bali, a Home Nestled Among Rice Paddies and Trees: 15 servants? Is this the house that J. Peterman built?


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