Warren Glass Co. Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

Warren Glass Co. Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

This gloriously protruding ghost sign for the Warren Glass Co. is located on Central Parkway, right on the border between the neighborhoods of Over-the-Rhine and the West End in Cincinnati.

The other side — how is it that rusty letters look this amazing?

Warren Glass Co. Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

I took these photos a few months ago, right before we moved from Cincinnati to Indianapolis. Apparently this ghost sign has now been modified.


6 thoughts on “Warren Glass Co. Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

  1. I was kinda bummed he went this route, the big heart would have looked better hanging off the other arm. At least it wasn’t permantly damaged.

  2. It was definitely better in the original state, why can’t people leave things alone. If you can’t improve it or at least preserve it then leave it!!

  3. Yeah, I think there’s a better way to incorporate the new sculptural elements without modifying this old sign. At least the sign is still there and hasn’t been permanently changed!

  4. Yeah, there’s actually a movement to preserve these old signs, including repainting them. I personally think that they should stay where they are but not be cleaned up to look new — they’re old, and the patina is both beautiful and true. I’m just not a fan of augmenting them in this way, although at least this sign hasn’t been removed.

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