Tile at 12th and Vine in OTR

tile at 12th and Vine

In my ongoing quest to document interesting examples of tile in Cincinnati and elsewhere, I sometimes overlook the obvious. Since the old Bank Cafe sign got Frankensteined, I haven’t looked at this corner closely. But, oh, look at this awesome tile floor inside the storefront!

tile at 12th and Vine

Here’s a decorative element similar to the swastika last seen in the Germania Building a couple of blocks away. Relax, it’s obviously not a Nazi symbol…

tile at 12th and Vine

Below left, the current “Q Info Center” can answer all your pressing condo questions. Below right, the same sign in its previous incarnation, when the space was the Bank Cafe. I appreciate the creative reuse of the sign armature, but why not just give the whole thing to the Sign Museum?

Bank Cafe sign at 12th and Vine

Above photos via Just for View.

6 thoughts on “Tile at 12th and Vine in OTR

  1. Miss the old Bank Cafe sign. It was permanently stuck on 12 noon and/or midnight during its last few years. Many were the crackheads and meth mouths who staggered past, noticed the clock at “12,” and became convinced they were two hours late for a meeting with their probation officer. Really cool split screen, by the way.

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