OTR Paintings by Alan Grizzell

painting by Alan Grizzell

Alan Grizzell is a 2006 Art Academy graduate who lives and paints in Over-the-Rhine, and whose work bears witness to some of the neighborhood’s abandoned and forgotten buildings. Grizzell currently has work on display at The Carnegie in Covington, in an exhibit aptly entitled The Painters.

painting by Alan Grizzell

painting by Alan Grizzell

painting by Alan Grizzell

9 thoughts on “OTR Paintings by Alan Grizzell

  1. Hey, the first painting shown is the painting I bought! I pick it up from the Carnegie on Saturday. The show “The Painters” ends Friday.

  2. We got to the Carniegie right after Dan, all giddy with excitement bought his painting.
    I loved the window frame paintings.
    We’re getting a, yes you guessed it, Schwartz Point painting when Alan paints a new batch, he sold the last ones he had.
    Alan has some talent and you couldn’t tell there is a recession the way his paintings were moving that night.
    Also don’t miss the work done by the ArtStop kids, theres some talent in there also. Almost all of those were sold opening night.

  3. Alan’s stuff is great! But I’m a little prejudice considering he’s my son!!! Way to go Alan. Love you lots!!!

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