Lavender Love Kit by VisuaLingual

Lavender Love Kit by VisuaLingual

Here at VL HQ, we’ve been hard at work, developing a few new kits that are [hopefully] perfect for gift-giving, and today I’m really excited to show you the Lavender Love Kit, great for anyone who enjoys this feminine scent as much as I do.

The kit includes a small lavender sachet [glamorous silver on one side and lavender on the other] and a a bar of Lavender Chamomile soap with Rhassoul clay. The soap was handmade for us by the fabulous ladies of Orange Fuzz:

Lavender Love Kit by VisuaLingual

The kit is self-wrapped in a matching fingertip towel. Wrapping paper is one of my pet peeves — sure, it’s pretty, but why spend money on something that’s not even the gift?

So, I’ve been developing kits that come with their own “wrap,” like this matching lightweight Belgian linen in a pretty yarn-dyed lavender, with a green screenprinted pattern that combines a lavender sprig and architectural ornament, edged in a matching green serger stitch:

Lavender Love Kit by VisuaLingual

The bundle is tied with string and finished with a little hang tag. Order the Lavender Love Kit exclusively in our online shop, and don’t forget to use discount code THANKYOU2014 for 20% off any purchase of $20 or more, now through the end of 2014.


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