#thisisotr: anyone can add Over-the-Rhine photos to this neighborhood-centric Tumblr blog.

Ehrlich Shoes 1600 Main: CityKin shares a bit of history of Ehrlich Shoe in Over-the-Rhine.

Signage Around Town: Covington Edition: checking out Covington’s commercial signage.

Toast the Good Ol’ Days: love for our Culinary Herbs Seed Bomb Kit from the Chicago Tribune.

No Rush: Pioneer Town Gets Few Takers for Free Land: the town of Beatrice, NE revives the Homestead Act.

Caffe Capri: learning about the old school Italian coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that is quickly becoming surrounded by trendy boutiques and chains.

Change by Us NYC: a place to share ideas, create projects, discover resources, and make New York City better. Put your ideas into action — join a project or start your own project.


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