Seed Bomb Kits at Williams-Sonoma

VisuaLingual Cocktail Garnish Seed Bomb Kit at Williams-Sonoma

We’ve been busy branching out! Williams-Sonoma has just launched its brand-new Agrarian line, which includes two exclusive seed bomb kits made right here in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati by your favorite little team of worker bees: Cocktail Garnishes and Culinary Herbs.

The Cocktail Garnish Seed Bomb Kit consists of cinnamon basil, lemon mint and lime basil balls as well as a recipe booklet for drinks including rum punch and lemon mint julep. The Culinary Herb Seed Bomb Kit contains parsley, cilantro and basil balls, and the accompanying recipe booklet includes twists on classic pesto and salsa verde.

VisuaLingual Culinary Herb Seed Bomb Kit at Williams-Sonoma

The collection of almost 300 products includes everything from bee-keeping supplies to gardening tools and is available online and in the following stores: 900 North Michigan Ave. in Chicago, Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, the Arboretum Market in Austin, Bellevue Square in Bellevue, the Mall at Short Hills in NJ, and Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC.

You can find our seed bombs and garden-related kits at stores across the US.

6 thoughts on “Seed Bomb Kits at Williams-Sonoma

  1. I love them them! Really, really pretty packaging with great colors. Congratulations on yet another launch! It’s been a lot of fun watching your company grow over the last couple of years.

  2. Thank you very much! This particular project took a long time from concept to launch, so it’s gratifying to finally see the products out in the world. Whew!

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