Exposed at ArtWorks Gallery

Dunlap Cafe by Michael Stout

Dunlap Cafe by Michael Stout

Exposed features work by over 70 of the top 100 artists from the 2008 Secret ArtWorks event. That event featured over 1,200 works of art created by artists whose identities were concealed until their work was purchased. A jury selected the top 100 Secret Works of Art by artists whose identities and current works are revealed in Exposed. Michael Stout of VisuaLingual was among the top 100 and will be part of Exposed, which opens at ArtWorks Gallery, 811 Race St., on Fri 26 Jun, 6-9pm.

Instead of being restricted to the Secret ArtWorks’ paradigm of a 5”x7” work, artists were encouraged to show the depth and diversity of their production in this fun and eclectic exhibition. For the full list of the top 100 artists, see the exhibit site. See all the VL contributions to Secret ArtWorks 2008 here.


2 thoughts on “Exposed at ArtWorks Gallery

  1. A sepia-tone silkscreen? Interesting. I’m assuming that this is a contemporary image that’s getting this treatment. It looks good!

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