Forgotten Cincinnati: from abandoned amusement parks and crumbling breweries to forgotten neighborhoods and other derelict structures and locales, Sherman Cahal and Ronny Salerno present photographs of a deserted Queen City; opening tonight at Park+Vine.

Vacant Cities and Rubber Wheeled Vehicles: “People have been trying to make OTR an easy to drive and park neighborhood. They think that this is necessary for its survival, but they are really destroying it.”

Astroland Rocket Update: Staten Island Exile Looms for a While: Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz uses the term “freakishness” in a press release.

Skyway for Sale on Craigslist: in Minneapolis, a vintage, 280,000-lb. skywalk can be yours for 79k.

Counter/Culture – The Disappearing Face of Brooklyn’s Storefronts: a photography exhibit by James and Karla Murray at the Brooklyn Historical Society, up through the end of March.

Art in Train Stations: the talented Camilla Engman has art installed in a Göteborg, Sweden train station, which spawns an impassioned plea for more art in public places.

Jan Kaplicky, Audacious Czech Architect, Is Dead at 71: the architect whose structures are undulating organic forms, asked “Where is it written that buildings have to be boxes?”


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