VisuaLingual Slingshot+Seed Bomb Kit for Cambria Title

VisuaLingual Slingshot+Seed Bomb Kit for Cambria Title

We recently designed and produced a batch of custom 10 Seed Bombs with Slinger for Cambria Title, a family-owned title company in Minneapolis. I’m obviously biased, but this seems like the coolest house-warming gift ever.



15 Gorgeous Photos of the Old Cincinnati Library: amazingness in the form of historic photos.

Cincinnati Timelapse: amazingness in the form of a video.

Walkin’ Around, Checkin’ Stuff Out: awesome illustrations of Minneapolis and St. Paul by the artist Wacso.

Daytonian in Manhattan: just an awesome blog that examines the history of various buildings.

5 Spectacular Bridge Houses: architectural eye candy.

Haunting Portrait of a Vanishing World: Photographer Captures Desperate Decline of 1970s Leeds as the Old Way of Life Slowly Died: just that.

32 Imaginative and Beautifully Designed Maps: “maps reinvented artistically.”


New Bookstore to Open in Downtown Cincinnati: exciting news.

Stepping Up to Restore Cincinnati’s Neglected Pedestrian Stairways: great write-up on Spring in Our Steps.

Best of Eco Chic Design: our Backyard Habitat Seed Bomb Kit gets some love from The Barn Light.

Synergicity: Reinventing the Postindustrial City: currently at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, an exhibit about transformation in Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis, and Peoria.

A Miami Neighborhood Begins to Bristle at Its Own Success: frustration in Wynwood.

If Americans Don’t Like Walkable Cities, Why Aren’t They Cheaper?: just that.

Mapping Asmara: all about cartographic representations of Eritrea’s capital city.


Straight Off the Vine // Restoring Community Connections: a short documentary on the Cincinnati community group Spring in Our Steps.

Renewed Pleas to Clean Up Crosley Building: Criminal Charges Filed: an update on the abandoned building in Cincinnati’s Camp Washington neighborhood.

11 Things That DO Work in Ohio: from a transplant to Cincinnati, first came a list of things that don’t work and now some things that do work well here.

Dogwood Wedding Inspiration: the Wedding Chicks like our seed bombs as wedding favors.

The Fall of the Creative Class: a harsh critique of Richard Florida’s popular theory, with anecdotes from Portland, Madison and Minneapolis.

An Artist Reinvents Architectural Photography via iPhone: a profile of Lynette Jackson, who makes magic happen with her iPhone.

The 2,800 Hour Studio: the designer Elliott Earls worked with Cranbrook Architecture students on the design and construction of his summer studio on the shore of Lake Leelanau.


End of Line for Oakley Station: aww, hell no…

The EV Grieve Last-Minute Gift Guide: from “gentrify this” to “my parents met at Superdive,” EV Grieve has some East Village-centric gift ideas.

Wigilia: some history and a sample menu for a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner. Yum!

Shakedown Street: what if streets were closed to all vehicular traffic and instead opened up to seven other uses?

Detroit, Midwest Leaders Visit European Cities on Rebound: leaders from Detroit, Flint, Cleveland and other Midwest cities visit Leipzig and Manchester.

Minneapolis-St. Paul: White, Liberal and Cold: bon mots from The Urbanophile.

Hammels Wye: photographer Nathan Kensinger investigates a pocket of Queens.

Speaking of Home by Nancy Ann Coyne

Speaking of Home by Nancy Ann Coyne

I’ve been thinking about downtown Cincinnati skywalks as sites for public art, and I just came across a project entitled Speaking of Home by Nancy Ann Coyne. Installed last year in IDS Center /Macy’s Skyway in Minneapolis, the project featured large-scale portraits of new Minnesotans, along with their countries of origin, definitions of “home,” and the word “home” in each native language.
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Better Living through Expectation Management

Rate Your Community

According to a recent Pew Research Trust survey, 84% of the people surveyed who do not live in Cincinnati would not like to live here. Cincinnati is marginally more popular than Cleveland and Detroit. But, only 23% of the respondents even claim cities as “their favorite community type.”
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Forgotten Cincinnati: from abandoned amusement parks and crumbling breweries to forgotten neighborhoods and other derelict structures and locales, Sherman Cahal and Ronny Salerno present photographs of a deserted Queen City; opening tonight at Park+Vine.

Vacant Cities and Rubber Wheeled Vehicles: “People have been trying to make OTR an easy to drive and park neighborhood. They think that this is necessary for its survival, but they are really destroying it.”

Astroland Rocket Update: Staten Island Exile Looms for a While: Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz uses the term “freakishness” in a press release.

Skyway for Sale on Craigslist: in Minneapolis, a vintage, 280,000-lb. skywalk can be yours for 79k.

Counter/Culture – The Disappearing Face of Brooklyn’s Storefronts: a photography exhibit by James and Karla Murray at the Brooklyn Historical Society, up through the end of March.

Art in Train Stations: the talented Camilla Engman has art installed in a Göteborg, Sweden train station, which spawns an impassioned plea for more art in public places.

Jan Kaplicky, Audacious Czech Architect, Is Dead at 71: the architect whose structures are undulating organic forms, asked “Where is it written that buildings have to be boxes?”