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In the March issue of the Indianapolis Monthly magazine Visualingual is featured as the month’s maker. We are excited to be sharing our company and the steps that go into our biggest selling product. It is on newsstands now so be sure to pick up a copy. Brandon is very excited about his first shot as a hand model.

One of rising stars are the Bee Seed bombs. Which is a fun fact because the author of our maker feature was Kate Franzman. In addition, to writing for Indianapolis Monthly, she is a beekeeper, farmer and the founder of Bee Public.

She is working to make Indianapolis a more bee-friendly city. Making her impact with beehives at Eskenazi Health Sky Farm, Public Greens, Growing Places Indy and The Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center. She is also making an impact by educating the public on their role in saving the bees. Which is easier and more important than you think.


She and Jim Poyser of Earth Charter Indiana were recently awarded a grant from Sustain Indy to help educate children about bees. They have been doing in class programs and coming soon to the Arts Garden will be a bee-themed art installation made by the students.

Kate is full of information and is a rare beekeeper that doesn’t harvest her honey to make a profit. She leaves the honey for the bees. It is what they use for fuel, an important part of a healthy hive.


During the spring healthy hives will split and half the hive will leave to find a new home. It is an awesome thing to see traveling through the air. At points in their journey, they will stop and rest. If you live in the Indianapolis area and see a swarm this spring don’t panic just send a tweet to @beepublic and she will help collect the bees and care for them.

We sat down with her last week for a couple hours and came up with some fun ideas to work together to save the bees. We are really looking forward to our collaboration and will hopefully have more to share about it soon.


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