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Coming up this August the National Parks will turn 100 years old. Parks like Yosemite were protected years ahead of the formation of the National Park Service. Yosemite was actually protected during the Civil War, but it wasn’t until 1916 that Stephen Mather was successful in getting the National Parks Service (NPS) created.

So this year we celebrate 100 years of service from the NPS. Of the 58 National Parks, we have been to a few parks as a family and Michael has knocked out even more on his own, his current count is around 15. Social media doesn’t quickly come to mind when you think of the parks, but NPS and the National Parks Foundation have found a way to merge the two with the #FindYourPark campaign.

According to the press release,”Find Your Park invites the public to see that a national park is more than just a place — it can be a feeling, a state of mind, or a sense of American pride. Beyond vast landscapes, the campaign highlights historical, urban, and cultural parks, as well as National Park Service programs that protect, preserve and share nature, culture, and history in communities nationwide.

I have such a love for these parks and every spring I get a strong urge to unpack the camping gear, dust off my hiking boots and get out into the outdoors and soak it all in. My favorite park is Yosemite. On Friday, we will have our first hour of reminiscing post sharing one of our favorite stories from our trips to the National parks.

We will be scrolling through the #FindYourPark tag for months to come to find inspiration and fun places to add to our bucket list as well as adding our own photos from the parks we visit. Hope to see you all there.

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