Harper Ever After: amazing, comprehensive exhibit at the Art Academy, showing the intertwined work of Charley and Edie Harper; reception tonight and the exhibit is up for the next week.

Building Bridges: shared studio space and resources enhance community and opportunity for Cincinnati-area artists and designers.

CNCY MADE: 5chw4r7z on small-batch manufacturing in Cincinnati.

The Drop Inn Center: “Stuck Between a Rock & a Reallocation of Shelter Funding”: on the long-time Over-the-Rhine institution, written by City Council candidate Mike Moroski.

Gentrification as an End Game, and the Rise of “Sub-Urbanity”: just that, in NYC and elsewhere.

Dude Literally Sells Boxes of Rocks as a ‘Piece of Brooklyn’: ha, putting this on my wish list…

The Town with a Subculture of Secret Tiny Doors: fairy doors in Ann Arbor!


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. So are you the Ohio resident he refereed too? And thanks for linking my CNCY MADE post, I packed two months of writing (for me) into one post. Matt from CINCY MADE told me I was the only one to write a story and get everything right. I guess that’s the difference between a blogger writing about things they are passionate about and a journalist with a deadline.

  2. You’re very welcome, and thanks for taking the time to get the details right in your post.

    I neither own nor want artisanally packaged Brooklyn rocks. I was totally kidding about the wish list. And, if anyone wants to support the Brooklyn Arts Council or any other nonprofit, just whip out your checkbook.

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