The Space Between Us by Michele Bosak

Michele Bosak recently earned an MFA in Drawing/Sculpture from Northern Illinois University. Her thesis project, entitled The Space Between Us, is a series of portraits of thrifted and found household objects. Bosak explains, “I live in temporary spaces with temporary furnishings, yet I buy and amass items for a home into which I have yet to move.”

“Since my move to DeKalb, the emotional impact of my location and nagging need to find comfort in a dwelling/city that I am not invested in, has proved challenging. Over the past year my compulsion to accumulate domestic furnishings has created an illusion of contentment. It’s through the acquisition of household goods, that my longing for a social space of my own feels attainable.”

From the top: Cherner Swivel Chair, Eames Shell Chair, Drafting Desk Lamp, Eric Buck Dining Chair Salvaged from Studio, Damask Curtains, Salvation Army, $3, Credenza, and Rocker Chair, St. Vincent dePaul, 5/29/07, Purchase Price $15.


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