Spring Handmade Wish List: Through the Eyes of the Mrs. likes our 10 Seed Bombs with Slinger!

Getaway to Cincinnati: this roundup includes Park+Vine in Over-the-Rhine and the Charley Harper mosaic mural downtown.

Miniature Rooms: a crazy-cool Cincinnati-based company that makes, wait for it… miniature rooms.

MoMA to Demolish Williams and Tsien Folk Art Museum: wow, bad news about a really interesting museum building in NYC.

New iPad App: Urban World: I don’t have an iPad, but I want this.

Abandoned, Ctd.: No Such Thing as Was shares beautiful photos of an old railroad bridge in DeKalb, IL.

New York Biotopes: just watch this lovely animation right now.


The Space Between Us by Michele Bosak

Michele Bosak recently earned an MFA in Drawing/Sculpture from Northern Illinois University. Her thesis project, entitled The Space Between Us, is a series of portraits of thrifted and found household objects. Bosak explains, “I live in temporary spaces with temporary furnishings, yet I buy and amass items for a home into which I have yet to move.”
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