MEET THE MAKER: Hip Hop Quotables


We spend so much time developing new treasures at studio, we want to take a moment to dive into the raw ideas behind our work. To support this effort of sharing our process and ourselves, we are introducing Meet the Maker. Today we are going to dive right into an interview with resident designer, maker, planner, and all-out wizard, Michael Stout. The Hip Hop Quotables Series is the topic under the scope. Have you checked those out? They are right! See them in our store.

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roadside: Arcosanti


Arcosanti is an anomaly in the high desert of Arizona. On a trip through the southwest, traveling between Sedona and Phoenix, it appeared out of nowhere. Remembering the name from studies of urban design theory I made a last minute decision to pull of the interstate and down a nondescript gravel road.

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