Natural Firestarter

fatwood department of everyday

It’s probably no surprise that we love to camp. Being immersed in the natural world is itch that needs to be scratched pretty often. When we camp we like to keep it simple, but it can be difficult to decide what is important and what to leave at home. But when it some to starting a fire, we don’t know what we would do without fatwood. It’s the perfect, no frills, easy-to-use, all-purpose fire starter. We use it at home, when we car camp or when we backpack. It goes everywhere with us.

fatwood department of everyday

Fatwood is the highly resinous heartwood of an old pine tree. The way that we understand it is that when the tree dies, all the pitch, or sap, sinks to the base of the tree. Because of the high amounts of pitch the heartwood become resistant to rot and insects. The pitch contains terpenes which, over time, evaporate and change the the sap into a resin. This resin is flammable and burns hot. Not all pine trees have the same ability to produce fatwood. Mostly in the US it is the long-leaf pine.

fatwood department of everyday

When we decided to offer fatwood in our store we figured it made the most sense to offer it in relatively small amounts. It’s so easy to start a fire with this stuff that you don’t need very much. In fact, a bundle of our fatwood should last and entire season of campfires for most people.

fatwood department of everyday

We’re not big on over packaged products, so we hand-screen printed a linen wrap with a 2 color print. It’s simple and elegant, but not too precious. It’s meant to be utilitarian, but makes a great gift as well.

If you haven’t tried it pick some up and give it a go. We think you’ll be amazed at how easy, practical and meaningful your next campfire becomes.

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