Daniels & Fisher Tower by Frederick Sterner

Daniels & Fisher Tower by Frederick Sterner

Located at 16th and Arapahoe Sts. in downtown Denver, the Daniels & Fisher Tower was designed by London-born Frederick Sterner and built in 1910 as the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.
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Mixed-Media Victorian Collages by Sara Pearce

Helena Always Hooked the Big Ones by Sara Pearce

Helena Always Hooked the Big Ones by Sara Pearce

I first became aware of Sara Pearce when she was the art critic for the Cincinnati Enquirer, and I learned a lot about the local arts scene from reading her articles and blog every week. When she left the paper, she started pursuing her own artistic practice, which I might sum up as cheeky, collage-based Victoriana.
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Mixed Media Landscapes by Mike Bernard

Salcombe by Mike Bernard

Salcombe by Mike Bernard

Born in Kent, Mike Bernard is now based in Devon, UK, where he creates landscapes that incorporate acrylic paint and mixed media collage elements. The resulting works focus primarily on landscapes of European cities and coastal villages, with “happy accidents” during the creative process providing surprising details and color combinations.
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Map Prints by Marisa Seguin

Map Print by Maria Seguin

Marisa Seguin was born in Vancouver, BC and now lives in Milwaukee, where she’s studying illustration. Her series of illustrated city maps is very sweet and includes Milwaukee, Vancouver, Paris, Venice, and San Francisco [I love that Milwaukee is part of a series that includes a couple of grand European cities].
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Enjoy Your Weekend: lots going on this weekend but, oh, in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, make sure to check out the OTR/Gateway Summer Celebration!

Are You Sure Boo Radley Got His Start Like This?: excellent essay by OTR’s most searing writer.

CAC Robot Is Gone: Nam June Paik’s sculpture is gone but not forgotten; anyone know its status?

Barging in to Venice: Swoon and her friends are crashing the art party that is the Venice Biennale in boats made from NYC trash.

Seeing the Hudson River Through 700 Windows : check out Spencer Finch’s temporary art installation on the High Line, sponsored by Creative Time.

Daniel Libeskind Designs Prefab: big pimpin’ en masse? But is it really a prefab?

DIY Lego Globe: along with the requisite nerdy insights into the process.