Dabls’ African Bead Gallery and MBAD Museum

MBAD'S African Bead Museum

Dabls’ African Bead Gallery and MBAD Museum is located at and around 6559 Grand River Ave. on Detroit’s Near Westside. The outdoor installation spans a block of buildings, empty land, and the exteriors of two more buildings beyond, which are visible from I-96.
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The House Life Project

The House Life Project

The House Life Project is located at 804 Eastern Ave. in the St. Clair Place neighborhood on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. If you care about inner-city Indianapolis, you may want to stop by tomorrow 5-8pm for the weekly Social Hour to meet the artists who have been working in this house.
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Buhl Building by Wirt C. Rowland

Buhl Building by Wirt C. Rowland

As far as I can tell, the Buhl Building seems to be considered one of Detroit’s lesser architectural gems, which is a shame because it’s gorgeous in its own right. Designed by Wirt C. Rowland, it’s located at 535 Griswold St., practically rubbing elbows with the Penobscot Building and the Guardian Building, both also designed by Rowland.
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