St. Claire Condo Hosts Karaoke Open House: when the real estate market’s shaky, you’ve got to appreciate a good gimmick designed to move these Harlem units.

Los Angeles Mayor Announces Bold Housing Plan: 20,000 affordable homes in the city promised over the next five years.

British Railways Publicity: online archive of British Railways’ promotional materials and related ephemera.

Yuppies in Eden: how young urban professionals revived and reinvented NYC, turning it into their own personal playground.

Veolia Observatory of Urban Lifestyles: a wide-ranging global study of urban lifestyles, including life choices, lifestyle, and quality of life in cities worldwide; “51% of city dwellers associate the word ‘city’ with convenience, 26% associate it with stress.”

Gossip Girl Virtual Set Tour: speaking of urban life, here’s some yuppie porn straight from the UES.

Airport Signage: Photo Inspiration: just that.