The Habitat for the Yellow Bird by Takayo Noda

The Habitat for the Yellow Bird by Takayo Noda

Takayo Noda is a collage artist, printmaker, writer, and illustrator, born in Tokyo and now living in NYC. In 2007, she designed this faceted glass installation for the Sutter Ave. MTA station in East New York, Brooklyn.
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Meet Cincinnati USA: a well-deserved parody of the yellow-panted wonder.

Cincinnati Union Terminal – Those Were the Days: just that.

Cincinnati Is Cool: a Chicagoan checks out the Queen City.

Indianapolis: You Are Beautiful: a Louisvillian explores Naptown.

Oddly-Shaped Benches that Encourage a Change in Social Behavior: the work of artist Jeppe Hein, who created Bench around the Lake in Indy.

Judgmental Maps: NYC: for what it’s worth, I don’t find this map especially funny or clever.

Yukino Ohmura’s Dot Sticker Tokyo Landscapes: amazing cityscapes made entirely out of stickers!


The Cincinnati Anthology: this comes out next month and includes a submission by yours truly; pre-order your copy now.

10 Things You Might Not Know about the Cincinnati Music Hall: fascinating trivia about one of my favorite buildings.

Cincinnati Subway Tunnel Entrances: just that, in video form.

The Death of the Neighborhood Restaurant: “In Manhattan, the economics of entrées under $25 don’t add up anymore.”

Spring is in the Air: Planning Our Next Snacking Garden: this is a really cool idea for getting kids to garden and eat better.

Oliver Schau’s Street Furniture: awesome public seating in Hamburg.

Guy Walks around Tokyo Backward, This Is What the Footage Looks Like Played in Reverse: WTF.


3CDC Shows Preliminary Plans for Next Big Over-the-Rhine Projects: major plans for 15th St. from Race to Vine.

Meet Cincinnati USA – We Do What We Love.: randomly, I just met Mr. Yellow Pants last weekend.

What It Means to Keep Chain Stores out of San Francisco: “This is not about, is this good for my business? It’s about, is it good for the neighborhood? That’s more important to us than foot traffic, or even profitability.”

Diary: Google Invades: “neatly dressed, uncool, a little out of place, blinking in the light as they emerged from their pod” — tech workers emerging from a Google bus in San Francisco.

Priced out of New York: on the shame of having to leave Manhattan for Brooklyn and then for the scary world beyond [in this case, Portland].

Ask a Native New Yorker: How Guilty Should I Feel About Being a Horrible Gentrifier?: “If you ask most of my native New Yorker friends this question, they’re going to tell you that you should feel guilty about gentrifying your neighborhood, and the best thing that you could do is ship yourself back home to St. Paul or wherever ‘the fuck’ it is that you’re from.”

Transparent House in Japan: a see-through home in Tokyo, designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects.

San Francisco Series by August Table

When urban planner Cherry Chaicharn relocated from her beloved San Francisco to Hong Kong, she founded August Table, a company that creates city-centric tableware. Her first collection of dishes celebrates the neighborhoods of San Francisco, including Glen Park/Noe Valley, Castro/Mission Districts, South of Market, and North Beach.
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Enjoy Your Weekend: shop till you drop!

Annual Charley Harper Show: whether to shop or just to look, check out Fab Frames this Saturday. You’ll get a free print!

70 Years Later: Cincinnati Revisited spotlights the photography of Michael G. Smith, who has captured views identical to the Cincinnati photographs by his grandfather, Nelson RonSheim, 70 years later. Fascinating!

The Secret Bowling Alley: check out what these people found in their basement.

100 x 100: photographer Michael Wolf documented 100 100-square foot homes in Hong Kong.

Kurokawa Nakagin Capsule Hotel: Grain Edit shows us this incomparable capsule hotel in downtown Tokyo, built in 1972.

Operation NICE: Melissa Morris Ivone wants us all to be nicer to each other.


Enjoy Your Weekend: there are tons of festivities and events going on this weekend!

Findlay Market Awarded 219k for Local Foods Project: much love for Findlay Market; congratulations!

Atrium 2 Has a Helluva View: Queen City Discovery takes a tour and gives us all a glimpse of downtown Cincinnati from above.

The City and Its Flooded Double: Studio Lindfors visualizes New York City and Tokyo after a catastrophic flood.

Commuter Cat Is Star of Bus Route: Casper the cat evades paying the fare on the bus!!!

Locals Have 4x Economic Impact over Nationals: perhaps not surprising, but good to hear.

FIT Course Charges $55 To Explore Williamsburg: LOL.