Monon Love Train by Peat Wollaeger

Monon Love Train by Peat Wollaeger

I’ve only lived in Indianapolis for a few months, so I still have tons of local public art to check out in person. I’m calling the 600-foot long spraypaint stencil mural Monon Love Train by Peat Wollaeger an early favorite, though. Why? Because trains.
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On the Riverfront: The Urbanophile takes a look at Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and St. Louis.

Dead/Abandoned Malls – Cincinnati Mills: a video tour through an empty mall.

How I Learned to Love the Mall: Zan McQuade on her “strange and insatiable fetish for malls.”

Finding Frank Lloyd Wright in Alabama: touring an architectural gem in the town of Florence, AL.

Park Slope Family Circus: cracks me up every time I check it out.

10 Most Beautiful City Parks in the US: just that.

Paper Donut’s Optical Illusions: really cool painted installations, reminiscent of the work of Felice Varini.


New Bookstore to Open in Downtown Cincinnati: exciting news.

Stepping Up to Restore Cincinnati’s Neglected Pedestrian Stairways: great write-up on Spring in Our Steps.

Best of Eco Chic Design: our Backyard Habitat Seed Bomb Kit gets some love from The Barn Light.

Synergicity: Reinventing the Postindustrial City: currently at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, an exhibit about transformation in Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis, and Peoria.

A Miami Neighborhood Begins to Bristle at Its Own Success: frustration in Wynwood.

If Americans Don’t Like Walkable Cities, Why Aren’t They Cheaper?: just that.

Mapping Asmara: all about cartographic representations of Eritrea’s capital city.


“Alley Walks” on the Rise in OTR, Downtown–At Last: small but much needed improvements to alley outlets; now, if we can just take off the gates so that we could all actually use them…

In Oakland, Citizens Learn to Treat Gunshot Wounds: taking the DIY ethos to a whole new level.

Zaha Hadid Races to Finish a Building Before Copycats Get There First: in China, the time between an initial design and its knockoff is collapsing, and it now involves buildings, not just fashion.

Why Are There So Many Bosnians in St. Louis?: fascinating!

Finding Vivian Maier – Official Movie Trailer: an upcoming documentary on Vivian Maier, the devoted nanny and reclusive street photographer.

Disneyland and the Uses of Architecture: on engineering nostalgia.

The Real Problem with Gentrification: A Phenomenon That Revived Cities Can Also Make Them Monotonous: just that.


Urbanism, Sub-urbanism, and Why I’m Tiring of the Streetcar Debate: interesting thoughts from an Over-the-Rhine neighbor.

Stairways to Stories: Students Trace Steps of History: tracing the history and impact of the approximately 400 public staircases in Cincinnati.

Vent Haven Museum: checking out a little known gem in Fort Mitchell, KY.

Still Need to Decide on Your Wedding Favours?: Envy Events recommends our personalized seed bomb wedding favors.

Mini Chicago Architecture Tour: exploring downtown Chicago’s architecture and public art.

How Young St. Louis Activists Saved “The Flying Saucer”: an amazing preservation story that ends with Chipotle and Starbucks.

Not All Make the Cut in a City Filled With Landmarks: some of the unusual applications that get reviewed by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

An Open Letter to the Western Half of the United States

An Open Letter to the Western Half of the United States

This is specifically to the fine states of Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California, Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma — thank you all so much for your hospitality over the past couple of weeks. We had a fine time on your roads, from interstates to dirt roads to a bit of Route 66. Your natural wonders are amazing, and your cities are as varied as your terrain. We’ll definitely be back, though we probably won’t visit all of you again.
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Holiday Gift Guide: Goody Two-Shoes: our seed bombs in Foam Magazine.

Vine Street Circa 1973: courtesy of Fuck Yeah Cincinnati.

Mercer Commons Design Gets Thumbs Down: the struggle to add appropriate infill to the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati.

What’s Your State Good at?: Ohio “currently ranks first in the production of Swiss cheese.” Who knew?

It’s a Google Streetmap of History: How Our Famous Landmarks Looked Up to 170 Years Ago: British streetscapes, now and then.

A Hope VI Gallery: examples from Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia, Knoxville, Portland, San Francisco, and St. Louis.

Swedish Treehouse Hotel Imitates Shapes Both Real and Imagined: bizarre but respectful architecture suspended among trees in the Swedish village of Hrads.