Vertical Panorama: The Rhine and the Birth of Tourism: map eye candy featuring the other Rhine.

Stranger Helps Emily Rauh Pulitzer Save Childhood Home: in Springfield Township, a Moderne home is saved from ruin.

Christie Blocks Tax Credit for ‘Jersey Shore’: for once, mad props to the Governor of New Jersey for his refusal to foot a “$420,000 bill for a project which does nothing more than perpetuate misconceptions about the state and its citizens.”

One Track Mind: a documentary that “chronicles an obsessive love affair — that between one man and the New York City subway system.”

No More Summers: The End of the Coney Island Mom-and-Pops: an era came to a close at the end of this summer.

Overunder Completes Astounding Tiled Piece: “Living Walls: Albany”: seriously amazing work of public art.

3′-By-4′ Plot of Green Space Rejuvenates Neighborhood: incredible news from Detroit.


Hartman Rock Garden in Springfield, OH

Hartman Rock Garden in Springfield, OH

The Hartman Rock Garden in Springfield, OH was a completely accidental find for us on a recent outing, and I’m so glad we came across this labor of love. The project dates back to 1932, when H. G. “Ben” Hartman was laid off from his job and started filling his garden with structures and figurines made of broken stone, pottery and mirror bits.
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