V.C. Morris Gift Shop by Frank Lloyd Wright

V.C. Morris Gift Shop by Frank Lloyd Wright

Oh, Frank Lloyd Wright… I’m not sure how livable or practical his buildings are, but experiencing them in person has an almost spiritual effect on me, and the V.C. Morris Gift Shop in San Francisco is no exception.
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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park Home and Studio

Frank Lloyd Wright's Home and Studio in Oak Park

On a recent visit to Oak Park, the leafy suburb just outside Chicago, I took a guided tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright home, built in 1889 with several expansions and renovations over the years, including the connected studio in 1898.
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Coral Castle by Ed Leedskalnin

Coral Castle by Ed Leedskalnin

Edward Leedskalnin was born in Riga, Latvia and, at 26, became engaged to 16-year old Agnes Scuffs. She ditched him the day before their wedding. He eventually landed in Homestead just outside of Miami, where he spent the rest of his life building Coral Castle as testimony of his love for his “sweet sixteen.”
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Art: Autocomplete: A Collaborative Coloring Book Exhibit: thanks for the shout-out, CityBeat!

10 Reasons to Visit Cincinnati: nice roundup of local highlights.

Is Cincinnati the Greenest City in America?: not yet, but improvements are definitely being made.

Springfield High STEM Students Develop Art, Math Skills at Session: very cool — a curriculum centered around the Westcott House by Frank Lloyd Wright.

And Now, Let’s Start Digging into the NYC Municipal Archives Online Gallery: EV Grieve checks out historic photos of the Lower East Side.

The Smuttiest Cities in America: Orlando comes in at #1, Jackson, MS at #100, and Cincinnati is #81.

A World Map of Heavy Metal Density: “heavy metal” as in music, and “density” as in “per capita.”


A Tale of a Tailor: Digging Cincinnati History checks out a home at 24 Findlay St. in Over-the-Rhine.

Seed Bomb Favors to Bloom Forever: Emmaline Bride likes our personalized seed bomb wedding favors.

Cocktail Garnish Seed Bomb Kit: the Ministry of Alcohol likes our Cocktail Garnish Seed Bombs.

Get Gardening This Spring: DownEast Home likes our Wildflower Seed Bombs.

Matt Groening Reveals the Location of the Real Springfield: big news for fans of The Simpsons.

Welcome to Ikea-land: Furniture Giant Begins Urban Planning Project: cray-cray in London.

Ghost Signs: NYC eye candy.

Looking Back: Best VL Posts of 2011

The Guardian Building in Detroit

This year, VL work kept us really busy, but we were able to squeeze in a few quick trips. I found plenty of inspiration in Cincinnati and beyond, and here are my favorite posts of my adventures. Pictured above is the glorious Guardian Building in downtown Detroit.
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