Antique Map Collages by Jason LaFerrera

Antique Map Collage Print by Jason LaFerrera

Jason LaFerrera was born and raised in Richmond, VA and currently lives in NYC, where he is studying mathematics at Columbia University. The fauna and fowl are digitally collaged out of antique maps into a simple format that resembles images of specimens in vintage field guides.
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100 Acres: Stratum Pier by Kendall Buster

Stratum Pier by Kendall Buster

Stratum Pier by Richmond, VA-based Kendall Buster is an emerald green fiberglass and steel pier whose undulating, repeating forms seem to suggest a topographical map. It is one of the many public artworks on display at 100 Acres, the new sculpture park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, along with Free Basket by Los Carpinteros, Bench Around the Lake by Jeppe Hein and Eden II by Tea Mäkipää.
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