Charley Harper: an excellent overview of Charley Harper‘s excellent retrospective exhibit.

West Fifteenth St. and Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio, May 1, 1974: fascinating essay about a photograph taken by Stephen Shore.

Pedal Powered Vegetable Cart For Urban Gardening Program: this Kickstarter campaign for OTR-based Permaganic Co. has just a few days to go; please help this great cause.

Five Design Challenge 2012: interesting Cincinnati-based competition seeks ideas for underutilized spaces.

NYC Phone Booths Turned into Free Mini Libraries by Architect John Locke: speaking of underutilized spaces, there’s this cool idea.

Guerrilla Wayfinding in Raleigh: “tactical urbanism at its best: a fly-by-night citizen-led escapade whose whimsy could ultimately prompt real improvements to city amenities.”

There Is a Thing in Brooklyn Called a Babyccino: OMG.


VisuaLingual 2010 Gift Guide

bow tie by Cyberoptix

This holiday season, give the gift of independent design! There have been so many initiatives lately aimed at supporting small, independently-owned businesses. In case you haven’t yet had enough, or if you’re still on the hunt for a few special gifts, here are some picks from the various corners of my microcosm: friends, former schoolmates, friends of friends, all of them lovely people creating beautiful work.
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