On the Riverfront: The Urbanophile takes a look at Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and St. Louis.

Dead/Abandoned Malls – Cincinnati Mills: a video tour through an empty mall.

How I Learned to Love the Mall: Zan McQuade on her “strange and insatiable fetish for malls.”

Finding Frank Lloyd Wright in Alabama: touring an architectural gem in the town of Florence, AL.

Park Slope Family Circus: cracks me up every time I check it out.

10 Most Beautiful City Parks in the US: just that.

Paper Donut’s Optical Illusions: really cool painted installations, reminiscent of the work of Felice Varini.



Designs Worth Discovering: Rookwood Pottery Tile: my friend Becky wrote this amazing article about Rookwood Pottery, and I contributed photos of Carew Tower and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Guardian Building in Detroit, and Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

Six Small Cities with Big Food Scenes: Cincinnati made the list.

David Grohl Alley: in Warren, OH, complete with the world’s largest drumstick.

Panoramic Views of Columbus, Indiana’s Modernist Landmarks: Cincinnati’s own Thomas R. Schiff tackles the iconic architecture of Columbus, IN in lovely photos.

M-1 Rail Groundbreaking Nears amid Hopes for a Broader Regional System: in the Motor City, work is starting to seriously add to its public transit system.

5 Pointz Supporters Drape Building In “Gentrification In Progress” Banner: 5Pointz, the recently whitewashed graffiti mecca in Queens, was the subject of a pretty awesome bit of street art this week.

The Innovation Ecosystem Built on Pittsburgh’s Steel Skeleton: tech in the new Steel City.


Local Artist Gives Smale Carousel Iconic Touch: this will be amazing, I’m sure.

Union Terminal: Construction: photos from 1933, when Cincinnati’s Art Deco gem of a train station was being built.

24 Reasons You Should Stop Underestimating Ohio: some of these totally make sense to me; some, not so much.

On Spike Lee & Hyper-Gentrification, the Monster That Ate New York: if you only read one of my suggested links this week, please make it this one.

Brooklyn Is Now Officially Over: The Ascendance of Brooklyn, the Lifestyle, Above All Else: the bizarre tale of a corporately-funded artists’ commune in Brooklyn, “dedicated to selling the borough’s image beyond its borders.”

The Innovation Ecosystem Built on Pittsburgh’s Steel Skeleton: this reminds me that I haven’t visited Pittsburgh in years; it’s long overdue.

The Class Of 2014: The New Mayors Who Are Building the Future of America’s Cities: just that.


Ohio Fall Color Report: a very cool tool.

Superman License Plate Unveiled This Morning: as if Ohio’s numerous vanity license plates weren’t enough, now you can get one featuring Superman.

Long Weekend: Pittsburgh: written by Cincinnati’s own Grace Dobush.

deTour to Manhattan Society Queen’s Court: architectural grandeur and eye candy in Lexington.

Tyree Guyton: Faces of God on Fire: the first solo NYC exhibit by the artist behind Detroit’s famous Heidelberg Project opens on Thursday at the CUE Art Foundation.

Atlanta for Design Lovers: adding Atlanta to my bucket list.

Playing with Art: The Isamu Noguchi Playscape: this Atlanta playground, designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi, is an Atlanta must-see.

100 Acres: NOTICE: A Flock of Signs by Kim Beck

100 Acres: NOTICE: A Flock of Signs by Kim Beck

NOTICE: A Flock of Signs by Kim Beck is a recent installation at 100 Acres, the awesome outdoor sculpture park in Indianapolis that opened a few years ago. You can stumble on clusters of these arrows in several spots as you wander through the park.
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Cincinnati’s Airport: Best in the U.S.?: I find this unbelievable, but there you have it.

Spring in Our Steps: this awesome local group is raising funds to expand their alley beautification efforts.

Guelph family lives like it’s 1986: in Toronto, paper encyclopedias, in-person banking, 35mm rolls of film, and mullets.

Drive On: checking out the independent design scene in Detroit.

Bookless Public Library Opens in Texas: STFU, world.

Is NYC Getting an Outpost of Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum?: an interesting cultural development.

Vintage Crime Scene Photos Superimposed on Modern NY Streets: just that.


Metro and ArtWorks to Turn Bus Shelters into Art: more public art for downtown and Over-the-Rhine!

One Small Step for Detroit, One Giant Leap for Museum Ethics (Maybe): crazy drama; Detroit’s emergency manager attempted to seize the permanent collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts to pay off the city’s debt.

Embrace the Worldwide Movement Against Gentrification: “Around the globe, there’s a shared, growing worry about economic forces driving working-class people out of urban centers.”

The Giant Rubber Ducky Is Migrating to Pittsburgh: Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman will make its US debut in September.

St. Regis Cab Call: a super-cool and mysterious old sign in Manhattan.

Colgate Clock in Jersey City to Get Torn Down, Upgrades: Jersey City can’t seem to leave an icon alone.

Hip Williamsburg Trendsetters Invent ‘Movie Theaters’: in Brooklyn, life imitates The Onion


All in a Day: Chris Glass explores Cincinnati and shares pretty photos.

Charley Harper: A Birds Eye View: a retrospective of the work of Cincinnati’s own Minimal Realist, now on display at DAAP.

Lessons from the Front Lines of Social Design: written from the fringes of contemporary architectural practice.

The Commuters of 1982: Jeremiah Moss waxes nostalgic about the ghosts of Port Authority commuters past.

Questioning the Rust-Belt-Cities-as-Laboratories Concept: a counterpoint to conventional wisdom as it’s applied to Detroit, Pittsburgh and the rest of the Rust Belt.

Detroit Re-Photography: an antidote to Detroit ruin porn [if you don’t have time to check out the entire slideshow, just look at this].

UR New York’s Own Art Cards: a harmless little subway prank.


Holiday Gift Guide: Goody Two-Shoes: our seed bombs in Foam Magazine.

Vine Street Circa 1973: courtesy of Fuck Yeah Cincinnati.

Mercer Commons Design Gets Thumbs Down: the struggle to add appropriate infill to the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati.

What’s Your State Good at?: Ohio “currently ranks first in the production of Swiss cheese.” Who knew?

It’s a Google Streetmap of History: How Our Famous Landmarks Looked Up to 170 Years Ago: British streetscapes, now and then.

A Hope VI Gallery: examples from Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia, Knoxville, Portland, San Francisco, and St. Louis.

Swedish Treehouse Hotel Imitates Shapes Both Real and Imagined: bizarre but respectful architecture suspended among trees in the Swedish village of Hrads.