2011 Charley Harper Show at Fabulous Frames & Art: tomorrow, a celebration of Harper’s Minimal Realism at Fabulous Frames & Art.

Highest Income-Inequality Tract in America Is Gentrifying: income inequality, a.k.a. economic integration, in Over-the-Rhine.

A Kentucky City Reinvents a Faded Downtown: big plans in small Owensboro.

Gifts Under $50: our Dog & Cat Friendly seed bombs get some love.

“Weed Bombing” Transforms Downtown’s Urban Blight into Psychedelic Bling: in Miami, outraged citizens call attention to overgrown weeds using spraypaint.

How Architectural Salvage Became a DIY Uptown Church: fascinating story of the unique fa├žade of Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in NYC.

SF Sunset Timelapse: pretty.