Something Lost: in Over-the-Rhine, a sweet Paramount Vodka ghost sign has been painted over. Thanks, guys…

Grand Central, a Cathedral for Commuters, Celebrates 100: happy birthday to Grand Central Terminal!

Ed Koch’s Legacy in Hip-Hop: Koch was my first NYC mayor; a week after his death, this is a must-read.

Lawns into Gardens: more people are digging up their lawns to plant fruits and vegetables and encountering city opposition in the process, with Orlando being the latest incident.

Gentrification as an End Game, and the Rise of “Sub-Urbanity”: “creative class enclaves are increasingly being appropriated into the domesticated lifestyle embodied by traditional suburbia.”

Swabian Invasion? Scorn for Eastern Berlin’s Well-Heeled Newcomers: on gentrification in Berlin.

Infographic: NFL Fans According to Facebook: fun with data.



Art: Autocomplete: A Collaborative Coloring Book Exhibit: thanks for the shout-out, CityBeat!

10 Reasons to Visit Cincinnati: nice roundup of local highlights.

Is Cincinnati the Greenest City in America?: not yet, but improvements are definitely being made.

Springfield High STEM Students Develop Art, Math Skills at Session: very cool — a curriculum centered around the Westcott House by Frank Lloyd Wright.

And Now, Let’s Start Digging into the NYC Municipal Archives Online Gallery: EV Grieve checks out historic photos of the Lower East Side.

The Smuttiest Cities in America: Orlando comes in at #1, Jackson, MS at #100, and Cincinnati is #81.

A World Map of Heavy Metal Density: “heavy metal” as in music, and “density” as in “per capita.”