V.C. Morris Gift Shop by Frank Lloyd Wright

V.C. Morris Gift Shop by Frank Lloyd Wright

Oh, Frank Lloyd Wright… I’m not sure how livable or practical his buildings are, but experiencing them in person has an almost spiritual effect on me, and the V.C. Morris Gift Shop in San Francisco is no exception.
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Looking Back: Best VL Posts of 2014


It’s the end of yet another awesome year — our travels took us to National Parks, site-specific installations, and quirky museums, and through some incredible buildings. We started the year in Denver, where we peeped Colorado Crush, an annual celebration of hip hop culture.
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Enjoy Your Weekend: whether you’re into the Halloween spirit or not, you’ll find something fun to do this weekend.

FLW in Oak Park: CityKin checks out some Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Oak Park, IL.

Westhope, Tulsa: another gem of a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Cure for Urban Blight: Plant Lots of Sculpture: who’s up for a road trip to Des Moines to see some public art?

People in Glass Apartments: Steven Heller takes issue with glass-clad apartment buildings.

Retail Vision for a Church That Housed an Infamous Club: cupcakes for sale in the former Limelight? What is the world coming to?

We Love Woolwich: grassroots effort to stop the demolition of historic buildings in the town of Woolwich.