Save the Davis: this Monday, an attempt to prevent the demolition of the David Furniture Building in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati.

NKY Scholar House to Offer Housing, Programming for Low-Income Student-Parents: very cool.

All the Places the New York Times Has Compared to Brooklyn: two surprises — New Orleans and the Hamptons, plus a bunch of the usual suspects.

Bollards, Bricks and Black Cabs: Why the Best Urban Objects Are Mundane: the Museum of the Mundane celebrates just that in London.

Tennessee Wonderland: Exploring an Abandoned Neighborhood and Hotel in the Tennessee Mountains: a haunting, in-depth look at the abandoned town we stumbled onto in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park earlier this year.

Half of the United States Lives in These Counties: weird/interesting map/stat stuff.

Since the 1970s a Man Has Been Planting a Forest Larger than Central Park, One Tree at a Time: a fascinating endeavor.


The Art of Matte Stephens

Manhattan by Matte Stephens

Manhattan by Matte Stephens

Portland, OR-based Matte Stephens is sort of the love child of Georges Damin and Mark Coomer, with a hint of Nicholas Takis and a touch of Jim Flora in the mix, sprinkled with a garnish of early Charley Harper. His gouache paintings are very much rooted in the forms and colors of the middle of the 20th century, and I especially like his scenes of different cities.
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See Cincinnati: an ongoing treasure hunt of Cincinnati’s stories.

Index of Awesome: collecting awesomeness in Covington; nominate your favorite anything.

Digital Graffiti: street art using system errors, dialog boxes and other computer-related messages.

Detroit Lives!: Detroit-based creative agency working on place-based projects that do well and do good.

Neighborhood Story Project: working with writers in neighborhoods around New Orleans to create books about their communities.

Build Your Own New York: postcard models of NYC buildings.

A Rare Glimpse at the Williamsburg Bridge Railway Terminal: just that.


House of Musicians: Digging Cincinnati investigates the history of 1223 Jackson St. in Over-the-Rhine.

The New French Hacker-Artist Underground: in Paris, a group has “carried out shocking acts of cultural preservation and repair.” Indeed.

Neighborhood Story Project: documenting people and place in New Orleans through interviews and photographs.

Complaint Box: Local Hypocrites: loving local versus shopping local in NYC.

Change by Us NYC: “a place to share ideas, create projects, discover resources, and make our city better.”

Soul of Brooklyn: just that, in the form of a snazzy web site.

Abandoned America: “an autopsy of the American dream” with tons of photos.

Field Guide to the Vanity License Plates of Southwestern Ohio: Part 2

Field Guide to the Vanity License Plates of Southwestern Ohio: Part 2

Kind readers, I know you’ve been impatiently waiting for the next installment in my typological series on the vanity license plates of Southwestern Ohio, and here it is! Today, we’re taking a look at sports messaging, and possibly adult content. Above, BARECAT. Pun-prone UC fan or porn mogul? It’s impossible to know for sure.
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Sunday Walk: CityKin explores Cincinnati.

Charley Harper Artwork in Todd Oldham’s House: tons of eye candy in an awesome treehouse in the woods of Pennsylvania.

Before I Die: a participatory installation in New Orleans by the always amazing Candy Chang.

If These Knishes Could Talk: “a film about the New York accent.”

Build the Town: bad-ass building blocks by Ladislav Sutnar.

Berlin’s Guerrilla Gardeners Cultivate Rebellion: yes.

Exotic Bodega Cats Caught on Tape in Their Natural Habitat: just that.


Biodiversity Bombs: our seed bombs at UncommonGoods.

Next Take Starting Soon at Famed Brooklyn Movie Palace: the long-shuttered Loew’s Kings Theatre in Brooklyn is ready for its reincarnation.

Cincinnati: A Tale of Two Brands: dissecting the Queen City’s image problem.

Coney Island – Abandoned Playland: amazing photographs by Nathan Kensinger.

Indianapolis Must Reinvent Itself Again: The Urbanophile on Naptown.

The New Orleans Corner Store: excellent essay on the phenomenon.

Two Boots Introducing the CBGB Slice: punk pizza?