Landscape With House by Maria Zaikina

Landscape With House by Maria Zaikina

Moscow-based Maria Zaikina has created a series entitled Landschaft Mit Haus, or Landscape With House. Using only flat color and the same basic composition, she has created a visual rhythm with great variety across the series.
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Metro to Provide $.50 rides on Rt. 1 on July 18: just that, taking you to the Cincinnati Zoo, Union Terminal, Cincinnati Art Museum and other cultural points of interest.

Date Night | Washington Park: most of my Cincinnati friends are single and complain about how hard it is to meet people here. Meanwhile, at Over-the-Rhine’s Washington Park, “couples are invited to lay down their blankets, curl up on the Civic Lawn and enjoy a one-of-a-kind date night.”

Over-the-Rhine to Be Hub of Innovation for Cintrifuse: more entrepreneurship is coming to the neighborhood.

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics: Chris Glass explores Moscow.

“Green Acres” Under Threat of Destruction: peril for an amazing site-specific architectural sculpture in Trenton, NJ.

Homeownership Means Little to Economic Growth: in fact, “Most metros with high levels of homeownership have relatively low rates of productivity.”

Soviet Bus Stops Captured by Worldly Photographer Christopher Herwig: just that.

World City Illustrations by Fernando Volken Togni

World City Illustration by Fernando Volken Togni

Fernando Volken Togni is an illustrator based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, who recently completed a series of awesome illustrations for Oryx, the in-flight magazine of Qatar Airlines. Each image represents 24 hours in a city, including New York City, Melbourne, Phuket, and others.
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Enjoy Your Weekend: lots going on this weekend, from the West End to Covington and beyond!

Skateboarders Still Working towards Building Newport Skatepark: “Galaxie Skateshop and many of the city’s skateboarders have been working to build a permanent skatepark under the bridge by Newport High School.”

Don’t Throw it, Grow it!: Etsy gives our Midwest seed bombs some VL love [although, in the case of a seed bomb, throwing it goes hand in hand with growing it].

Why Richard Florida’s Honeymoon Is Over: the love seems to be waning between Richard Florida and his adopted hometown of Toronto.

Craigslist Lies People Tell: East of Williamsburg and Near L Train: “many things are east of Williamsburg proper, such as the rest of Brooklyn, Long Island, Marseilles and the Kremlin.”

There’s No Place Like Dome: a “best of” tour of the world’s geodesic domes.

Atlas Obscura: “a compendium of the world’s wonders, curiosities and esoterica” [including the “country” of North Dumpling Island!].


Tour de Signage: Just for View sure gets around with his camera, capturing many of Cincinnati’s most unique signs.

Centsinnati: ahh, the voyeuristic pleasures of reading the blog of a newcomer to the Queen City. Welcome to ye old blogosphere, Sidd Finch!

A State That Never Was in Wyoming: agriculture and its malcontents in Absaroka.

Parti Wall, Hanging Green by YABG: this prototype generates awareness about underutilized sites and offers sustainable design solutions for improving public space and creating healthy neighborhoods in Boston.

Shape-Shifter: dynamic architecture by David Fisher, planned for Dubai and Moscow.

Urban Blight: Seattle’s Crapsman typology and the architect’s responsibility, via the thought-provoking BUILD blog.

Naked Cowboy Arrested in SF: San Francisco has no love for NYC’s most famous street performer.