VisuaLingual Seed Bomb Promotion for 1 Hotels

VisuaLingual Seed Bomb Promotion for 1 Hotels

We recently had the honor of producing a seed bomb promotion for 1 Hotel South Beach. We braved the chill in our Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati studio as we imagined our little giveaways landing in the hands of sun-kissed Floridians. As with our project for Nordstrom, we were given the design for the sticker, which turned out great.


Looking Back: Best VL Posts of 2013

Ave Maria Grotto by Brother Joseph Zoettl

What a year it’s been, filled with so many adventures! These are my favorite experiences of 2013, including some Cincinnati gems as well as public art and architecture elsewhere, plus some crazy nature to boot. There was a lot of Art Deco exploration this year, from Miami Beach to Rockefeller Center.
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The Bushwick Collective in NYC

The Bushwick Collective Murals in NYC

Centered on the intersection of St. Nicholas Ave. and Troutman St. in Brooklyn, The Bushwick Collective is a series of murals and street art pieces curated by neighborhood resident Joseph Ficalora, who invites artists from all over the world to contribute artwork on legal walls that he has secured for them.
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Coral Castle by Ed Leedskalnin

Coral Castle by Ed Leedskalnin

Edward Leedskalnin was born in Riga, Latvia and, at 26, became engaged to 16-year old Agnes Scuffs. She ditched him the day before their wedding. He eventually landed in Homestead just outside of Miami, where he spent the rest of his life building Coral Castle as testimony of his love for his “sweet sixteen.”
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New Bookstore to Open in Downtown Cincinnati: exciting news.

Stepping Up to Restore Cincinnati’s Neglected Pedestrian Stairways: great write-up on Spring in Our Steps.

Best of Eco Chic Design: our Backyard Habitat Seed Bomb Kit gets some love from The Barn Light.

Synergicity: Reinventing the Postindustrial City: currently at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, an exhibit about transformation in Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis, and Peoria.

A Miami Neighborhood Begins to Bristle at Its Own Success: frustration in Wynwood.

If Americans Don’t Like Walkable Cities, Why Aren’t They Cheaper?: just that.

Mapping Asmara: all about cartographic representations of Eritrea’s capital city.

Wynwood Walls in Miami


Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami whose warehouses now contain a mixture of industry, wholesale distributors, galleries and artist studios. It’s also home to one of the largest collections of street art in the world. Above is part of a mural by the legendary Ron English [confusingly, there’s a Cincinnati-based artist also named Ron English, who sometimes sells his wares on the streets of Over-the-Rhine].
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2011 Charley Harper Show at Fabulous Frames & Art: tomorrow, a celebration of Harper’s Minimal Realism at Fabulous Frames & Art.

Highest Income-Inequality Tract in America Is Gentrifying: income inequality, a.k.a. economic integration, in Over-the-Rhine.

A Kentucky City Reinvents a Faded Downtown: big plans in small Owensboro.

Gifts Under $50: our Dog & Cat Friendly seed bombs get some love.

“Weed Bombing” Transforms Downtown’s Urban Blight into Psychedelic Bling: in Miami, outraged citizens call attention to overgrown weeds using spraypaint.

How Architectural Salvage Became a DIY Uptown Church: fascinating story of the unique façade of Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in NYC.

SF Sunset Timelapse: pretty.