Miami Beach Post Office by Howard L. Cheney

Miami Beach Post Office by Howard L. Cheney

The streamlined Miami Beach Post Office was designed by Howard Lovewell Cheney and erected in 1937. It’s located at 1300 Washington Ave., pretty much in the heart of Art Deco Miami Beach, although I’d say this building is more Arte Moderne.
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Looking Back: Best VL Posts of 2013

Ave Maria Grotto by Brother Joseph Zoettl

What a year it’s been, filled with so many adventures! These are my favorite experiences of 2013, including some Cincinnati gems as well as public art and architecture elsewhere, plus some crazy nature to boot. There was a lot of Art Deco exploration this year, from Miami Beach to Rockefeller Center.
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Art Deco Architecture in Miami Beach

Art Deco South Beach in Miami Beach

When I choose content for this humble blog, I try to keep things really specific and wrap-your-mind-around-able: a building, a ghost sign, a single natural site, the work of one artist. The South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach is filled with late Art Deco architecture and, although it’s expansive, it fits the bill for its over all architectural consistency.
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Race St. Has a View: in downtown Cincinnati, the old skywalk to nowhere is now gone.

The Benn Pitman House: a gorgeous Cincinnati home once owned by the founder of Phonetic Shorthand in the US and the first official stenographer for the US government, who built intricate furniture in his spare time.

How to Grow Your Business through Holiday Gifts: kind words about our promotional seed bombs for TalentGrow.

Decorated Houses Help Save a Detroit Neighborhood: Tyree Guyton’s Heidelberg Project gets some well-deserved love.

Art Deco Weekend: this weekend in Miami Beach, “celebrating the Art Deco era in Florida’s quincentennial.”

A Look Below the Surface in Gentrifying Crown Heights: “I still think there’s a better and more ethical way to get from a broken down, crime-ridden, drug-ridden neighborhood to a place that is safe and enjoyable for everyone while still maintaining a sense of community ownership.”

There Is Now a Literal Map of Brooklyn’s Gentrification: just that.